Storage Sunshine Coast

Do you need temporary storage whilst you move between homes?


We can help. Our storage facility is fully secure. We make sure our storage facility is dry, we maintain regular pest control, and it is securely monitored.

We can supply you a quote for storing your furniture and household goods, during a move. You might be moving overseas, or moving homes and you need temporary storage inbetween settlements. We offer door to door service and can come and pick up the furniture that needs storing.


We will make sure that your goods are kept secure during transit and also in our storage facility.


We cannot store dangerous goods, so make sure you remove any fuels from lawnmowers. We cannot store paint, firelights, matches, aerosol cans, turpentine, fertiliser etc. Do not try store any plants or food. Any perishables will degrade and attrack vermin.


Make sure to defrost your Fridge and Freezer fully.


We have any packaging that you may require here at the depot. If you require boxes, bubble wrap, paper or tape, you can purchase your supplies directly from us. We offer a packaging service too so you can rest assured that your delicate items are taken care of.


Why use Enrights for Storage?


  • All furniture removals are handled with care.
  • All boxes are packed neatly.
  • All Items are secure with no movement and sufficient packing around each item.
  • Your items are moved safely and stored securely.
  • We will provide you with a full condition or inventory report.


Call 1800 655 616 if you have any more questions about your storage needs!